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What is the role of a governor?

School governors have a general responsibility to parents and the Local Authority for the effective leadership of the school, acting within the framework set by national legislation and the policies of the Local Authority.


Governors help to decide school policy and share responsibility for the leadership of the school. They advise and support our Executive Head and staff, working with the school to meet the needs of the children whilst ensuring that the school provides good value for money. They help the Executive Head in the selection of staff and act as a link between the school and the community.


Our role is to support the strategic leadership of the school and we welcome discussions relating to our work and responsibilities which are of general relevance to the school and pupils.  Governors are usually available to speak to at school events or on general school visits, where we wear governor lanyards. 


Governors are not involved in the day-to-day running of the school or individual issues affecting a particular pupil.  In this instance, please follow the school procedure of contacting the class teacher first and then the Head of School, if necessary.  Occasionally, the Head of School or Executive Head may then involve a governor.