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The Mount Stewart Schools

Friends of Mount Stewart (FOMS)

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Upcoming Events



Friends of Mount Stewart’ (FOMS) is committed to enriching the educational experiences of our children through a myriad of activities organised across both Infant and Junior schools by dedicated parent volunteers. As FOMS it is our aim to have a common vision and set of values for both schools. The purpose of FOMS is to have a common parent association that will support the management, staff and children of The Mount Stewart Schools by raising funds to make a resourced and enjoyable school community.


Chair Mr Domonic Lafond Year 6 and Year 2
Vice Chair Mrs Zarmeen Siddiqui Year 6

Mrs Nita Patel

Mrs Bhavisha Shah

Year 1

Year 1


Mrs Zahra Obaydi

Mrs Ibtihal Rikabi


Year 4, Year 2, Year 1 

Year 2


Public Relations

Mrs Dawn Lafond

Mrs Nisha Sadera


Year 6 and Year 2

Year 1



Throughout this school year we have lots of exciting events planned and we would appreciate your help in order to make them successful and enjoyable for the children. We hope you will plan to support and volunteer at many of our upcoming events

What’s more – there’s lots of fun to be had and even new friends to be made.

Your participation is welcome at any level, whether it is simply becoming a member, attending a FOMS meeting, or volunteering to work at a FOMS school event. The success of FOMS relies on the consistent and enthusiastic support and involvement of our MS parents.  Please do get in touch if you have any queries or ideas. 


Kind Regards,

FOMS Core Team