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Friends of Mount Stewart (FOMS)

Friends of Mount Stewart (FOMS) is committed to enriching the educational experiences of our children through a myriad of activities organised across both Infant and Junior schools by dedicated parent volunteers. As FOMS it is our aim to have a common vision and set of values for both schools. The purpose of FOMS is to have a common parent association that will support the management, staff and children of The Mount Stewart Schools by raising funds to make a resourced and enjoyable school community.







Deepti Bhanderi

Year 5 and1

Vice Chair

Bindiya Asawla

Year 5 and 2


Bhavisha Shah

Nita Patel

Year 5

Year 5


Ramila Patel

Nisha Manji

Year 5

Year 5 and 1

Marketing and Communication

Sapna Varsani

Abigail Grey

Usha Parekh

Year 4 and 1

Year 2

Year 3

Commitee Member

Kalpana David

Nikhil Shah

Snehal Patel

Sawan Gosrani

Trupti Jain

Year 2 and Reception

Year 2

Year 2

Year 4

Year 4




FOMS is successful as we have the following aims:

  • Raising money for specific projects and resources for the school.
  • Contribute to the school community through social events for parents and children to raise money.
  • Getting to know other parents and teachers informally is great for everyone.
  • We are developing a knowledge base of parents and carers’ skills, languages, and interests; so that the FOMs can contribute to the school in an organised way.


As is usual, every parent will be a member of the FOMS automatically – and be informed of events via the school. We welcome any involvement, and an AGM takes place in September where the FOMS can agree on its aims and elect a committee.


If you want to be involved, you can contribute by:

  • Being a committee member – with a title (secretary, etc.) or an ordinary committee member. This means attending meetings a few times a term. Perhaps meetings at various times may help make this easy for various parents to attend – no need to come to them all.
  • Organising and helping out at events.
  • Letting the FOMS know what your talents are. The FOMS would like to make a ‘knowledge base’ of parents’ skills and interests. If you have a special skill of any kind, they would like to hear from you: this might be your line of work, language, cooking specialities, hobbies, or indeed your history.


The success of FOMS relies on the consistent and enthusiastic support and involvement of our Mount Stewart parents. Please do get in touch if you have any queries or ideas.  Email:

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