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History at Mount Stewart Federation



At the Mount Stewart Federation, we adopt a structured approach to teaching History from Year 1 onwards, focusing on knowledge-based learning. Our History curriculum ensures robust skills development from Reception through to Year 6. We employ elements of the CUSP (Curriculum with Unity Schools Partnership) scheme, tailored to foster a deep understanding of historical concepts, skills, and vocabulary. Our lesson planning integrates key elements of the History National Curriculum, emphasising the importance of understanding concepts, the etymology of terms, and practical application through independent tasks.

  • Structured, knowledge-based learning approach from Year 1.
  • Robust skills development from Reception to Year 6.
  • Use of CUSP scheme, tailored for deep historical understanding.
  • Integration of key elements from the History National Curriculum.
  • Emphasis on understanding historical concepts, terms' etymology, and practical application.


Teaching Strategies:

Our educational approach focuses on fostering deep comprehension and enduring memory retention. Key strategies include:

  • Retrieval practice to reinforce learning and aid memory recall.
  • Interleaving of concepts to strengthen understanding and facilitate the 'knowing more and remembering more' philosophy.
  • Expanding on concepts to intensify understanding enables students to formulate their interpretations of events where applicable.


These methods are supported by cumulative quiz questions and opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning through pupil book studies, presentations and activities reinforcing key knowledge and vocabulary.


Curriculum Intent:

We aim to inspire our students to become insightful, empathetic, and independent historians. We aim to cultivate their curiosity about the world and their role within it, encouraging them to engage in historical enquiry. This is achieved through a blend of classroom learning and exploration of the local area alongside high-quality teaching. Our curriculum is designed to broaden critical thinking skills, source analysis, and judgment, preparing students for lifelong learning and global citizenship.

  •  Inspire students to become insightful, empathetic historians.
  • Cultivate curiosity about the world and historical enquiry.
  • Blend classroom learning with local exploration for high-quality education.
  • Focus on critical thinking, source analysis, and judgment.



History at Mount Stewart is taught in blocks to ensure depth and clarity in each unit. This structured approach enables the creation of cross-curricular links, particularly with English, enhancing contextual learning. By Year 6, students will have developed a comprehensive understanding of history, with the ability to connect different periods and apply their historical skills in various contexts. We utilise local and London-wide resources, bringing history to life and deepening students' understanding.

  •  History taught in blocks for depth and clarity.
  • Creation of cross-curricular links, especially with English.
  • Comprehensive understanding developed by Year 6.
  • Use of local and London-wide resources to bring history to life.


Inclusivity and Support:

Our curriculum is designed to be inclusive, catering to the needs of all students, including those with SEND and the most able. We focus on adaptive teaching to maximise each student's potential, offering adapted, targeted support and strategies to promote independent learning.

  • Inclusive curriculum catering to all students, including SEND and the most able.
  • Adaptive teaching for maximising student potential.
  • Targeted support and strategies for promoting independent learning.



The impact of our tailored and diverse History curriculum is evident in our students' enthusiastic engagement with history. They enjoy the cultural diversity of our topics and actively participate in historical investigations, enhancing their analytical skills. This engagement is reflected across the curriculum, with students applying their historical reasoning and problem-solving skills in English, Reading, and Science. The progression of their learning is visible in their growing knowledge and understanding of Britain's past throughout their school journey.

  • Enthusiastic student engagement in history.
  • Students enjoy cultural diversity and active participation in historical investigations.
  • Application of historical reasoning in English, Reading, and Science.
  • Visible progression in knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past.


Introducing Laura Hernandez, our History Lead at Mount Stewart Federation, whose enthusiasm for history plays a pivotal role in bringing the past to life for our students and inspiring a deeper understanding of the world's historical narrative.