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Federation Achievements

At Mount Stewart Federation we are very proud of all our achievements.  Well done to the staff and pupils who have worked so hard to gain these awards.

Ofsted Juniors awarded 2012

Pupils from different groups, including disabled pupils, those with special educational needs, those with additional funding under pupil premium and those who speak English as an additional language, make better than expected progress.  High standards are expected for behaviour, and pupils show very positive attitudes towards their learning and behave extremely well. They enjoy being at school, feel safe, and take full advantage of the many opportunities given to them through clubs and visits.







Ofsted Infants awarded 2019

The school’s strong values foster pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Pupils behave very well and relationships between adults and pupils are based on mutual respect. You set high expectations and challenges for everyone involved with Mount Stewart Infant School, as summed up by the school’s motto ‘Learn – Inspire – Achieve’.


Challenge Partners Infants 2023 Leading in all Areas

The outcomes of this Quality Assurance Review reaffirm Mount Stewart Infant School's dedication to providing high-quality education, promoting leadership at all levels, and ensuring inclusivity for all students, especially those facing additional challenges. The school is recognised and applauded for its ongoing pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment to the betterment of its students and the broader school community.


Challenge Partners Juniors 2022 Leading in all Areas

Area of Excellence: The Mount Stewart Pupil Leadership Teams Programme

The outcomes of this Quality Assurance Review affirm the school's dedication to delivering high-quality education, fostering leadership at all levels, and ensuring inclusivity for all students, especially those facing additional challenges. Mount Stewart Junior School is commended for its commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in the education it provides.


PSQM awarded 2023

Primary Science Quality Mark Gold is awarded to schools after an extensive audit and review. It acknowledges our commitment to promoting excellent teaching and learning in science throughout the school.


TFL Stars Gold 2023

We have high standards to inspire our pupils to transform their travel habits, fully engage the wider community to promote best practices, and see a measurable reduction in the number of journeys made by car every day.


EDIQM 2023

Honours our dedication to supporting every young person's potential, showcasing our inclusive educational approach. Mount Stewart Federation is immensely proud to be a recipient of this esteemed award. Our core belief is that every young person is important, and our commitment to helping each individual reach their fullest potential is at the heart of our inclusive approach.


Better Lunchtime 2023

Mount Stewart Federation is extremely proud to announce our accreditation with the prestigious Better Lunchtime Award. Celebrates our commitment to providing healthy, nutritious food in a supportive and positive lunchtime environment for all children.


Artsmark Silver -awarded 2022

Recognises our excellence in arts education, demonstrating our commitment to high-quality arts provision. The Artsmark Gold award recognises our commitment to, and excellence in arts education.  This nationally recognised and prestigious award, supported by the Department of Education and Department for Culture, Media and Sport, sets the standard for outstanding arts provision in schools. We are currently working on Artsmark Gold status.


RRSA Gold awarded 2022

Acknowledges the full integration of the Rights Respecting School principles into our school's ethos and curriculum. Level 2 is the highest level of the Rights Respecting School Award. We are delighted to receive this award recognising that our school has fully embedded the principles of the Convention into its ethos curriculum.


Eco-Schools 2023 Distinction

Mount Stewart Federation Eco-Committee worked tirelessly throughout 2021-2022 to successfully achieve the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag Award - with distinction. The programme aims to rally and unite young people to make realistic but dynamic change, creating positive impacts for our planet now.


EYFS Quality Mark 2022

Mount Stewart Federation is thrilled to share our achievement of being accredited with the prestigious Early Years Quality Standards (EYQS) by Herts for Learning. This esteemed recognition highlights our commitment to providing high-quality early years education and our dedication to setting ambitious goals that foster ongoing excellence in this vital stage of learning. We are deeply honoured by this accolade, which reflects our unwavering focus on nurturing the potential and growth of our youngest learners.


Music Mark awarded 2023

The Music Mark award shows evidence of a willingness to engage in development conversations related to improving music provision. Recognition of the value of music education as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. A strategy for music in place which provides for all children







HSBC Smart Money Award 2023

Mount Stewart Federation have received a Smart Money Award for 2023 from HSBC, to recognise the work that they have done to support their students with managing their finances.