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Enrichment - Performing Arts


At Mount Stewart Federation, we pride ourselves on offering a dynamic and varied enrichment program that evolves each term. Our activities encompass a wide array of interests, including dance, chess, languages, various sports, and STEM. These enriching sessions are conveniently scheduled from 3:30 to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.


In our commitment to providing a student-centred enrichment experience, we actively involve our pupils in the decision-making process. By questioning the students, we gather insights into their interests, which guide us in designing the range of options available to them. This approach ensures that our offerings not only align with their preferences but also provide opportunities for fun, enrichment, and practical learning. We believe it's crucial for children to have a say in their extracurricular activities, allowing them to explore and enjoy experiences that are both engaging and beneficial.

Themed Weeks


Throughout the year, we celebrate a variety of themed weeks, such as Art Week, STEM Week, Mental Health and PE Week, Road Safety Week, Walk to School Week, Careers Week, and International Week. These special weeks allow our pupils to deeply engage with a range of subject areas, fostering a strong sense of community and belonging.


During these themed weeks, our pupils participate in class-based and whole-school activities. They engage in exciting projects, embark on educational trips, and have the chance to interact with visitors who bring valuable insights into each field. Road Safety Week and Walk to School Week focus on practical life skills and awareness. Careers Week and International Week broaden their horizons, exposing them to diverse cultures and potential career paths.


We make these weeks vibrant and educational, culminating in school assemblies where we celebrate our pupils' achievements and discoveries. These experiences enhance their learning and contribute to their overall personal development and understanding of the world around them.