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Art and Design Curriculum at Mount Stewart


At Mount Stewart, our art and design curriculum is designed to expand children's imagination and foster independent, creative thinking. Through exposure to diverse art techniques like drawing, painting, and sculpture, and by exploring various cultures and historical artists, we aim to develop children's ability to express their identity and appreciate others' uniqueness. Our curriculum, supported by the CUSP (Curriculum Unity Schools Partnership) framework, emphasises skill progression from Reception to Year 6 and encourages the use of sketchbooks for free expression and reflection, both on personal work and that of peers.


Approach and Planning:

Aim to broaden children's imagination, fostering independent and creative thinking through exposure to diverse art techniques and cultural insights.

  • Expose pupils to a range of art techniques and skills.
  • Introduce various cultures, artists, and designers.


Teaching Strategies:

Utilise blocked approach teaching and the CUSP curriculum to ensure skill progression and encourage the use of sketchbooks for expression.

  • Implement a blocked approach for teaching key skills.
  • Promote the use of sketchbooks in all classes.


Curriculum Intent:

Provide high-quality art education that encourages creative thinking and skilful artwork creation, with strong interdisciplinary connections.

  • Equip pupils with skills and techniques for creative expression.
  • Integrate art and design with other subjects across the curriculum.



Teach the national curriculum with a no-ceiling approach to differentiation, focusing on a variety of artistic styles and mediums, including digital artwork.

  • Employ open-ended tasks for inclusive learning.
  • Focus on vocabulary and technique from an early stage.


Inclusivity and Support:

Ensure all pupils, including those with SEND, can achieve well through open-ended tasks and adaptive planning.

  • Adapt teaching to cater to a diverse range of abilities.
  • Encourage expression of opinions on personal and peer artwork.



Measure curriculum impact through lesson outcomes, with a focus on knowledge retention and skill progression, evidenced in artworks over time.

  • Assess progression from basic skills in early years to advanced techniques in later years.
  • Utilise assessment for learning to adapt lessons as needed.


When students leave Mount Stewart they will:

Depart with enhanced artistic skills, a deep appreciation for art, and the ability to express themselves creatively through various mediums.

  • Develop a lifelong appreciation for art and design.
  • Acquire the ability to create and critique artworks with confidence




We are excited to introduce our dedicated Art and Design Leaders at Mount Stewart, Rabia Zulfiqar and Bhagyashree Thakore, who are passionate about nurturing creativity and artistic expression in our students.