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Pupil Leadership

Enhancing Pupil Leadership and Character Education at Mount Stewart Schools


At Mount Stewart Schools, our ethos centres around a pupil-led culture, where children are not just learners but also leaders and influencers. We place immense value on our pupil leaders, allowing their voices to be a driving force in shaping the teaching and learning within our schools. Our goal is to mould future leaders who are not only ready for secondary school, university and the workforce but also prepared to be contributing citizens of the world.


Our curriculum is designed to nurture these qualities, integrating character education to develop resilience, empathy, and ethical decision-making. This holistic approach ensures that our students are equipped with both academic knowledge and the character strengths necessary for real-life challenges.

Within the Mount Stewart Schools, the Pupil Leadership Team plays a pivotal role. This team is structured to empower students with genuine leadership opportunities, ensuring their perspectives are heard and valued. Our approach is about more than just listening; it’s about actively incorporating their ideas into the continuous improvement of their educational journey.


We encourage our students to engage critically with global and local issues, fostering an environment where they feel safe to express their thoughts and feelings. This is achieved through various channels like pupil voice surveys, learning walks, and suggestion boxes. The feedback collected is a vital component of our decision-making process, discussed in regular leadership meetings and acted upon to make meaningful changes.


Our leadership teams, supported by dedicated staff champions within our Curriculum Teams, play a significant role in monitoring and enhancing various aspects of school life. These include curriculum development, student behaviour, well-being, and the environmental sustainability of our school. In line with our concept curriculum, our student leaders champion eco-friendly initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to environmental leadership.


By intertwining our curriculum with character education, and placing a strong emphasis on pupil leadership, Mount Stewart Schools are not just educating students; we are equipping them with the skills and moral compass to navigate and contribute positively to the world. Our commitment is to produce not only academically proficient students but also confident, articulate, and responsible leaders of tomorrow.