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Destinations at Mount Stewart

At Mount Stewart, we are committed to preparing our pupils for a seamless transition to various secondary schools. Our environment nurtures children's academic potential in a setting where they feel valued, confident, and emotionally secure. Through strong relationships with feeder schools and ongoing development of connections with senior schools, we ensure our pupils are thoroughly prepared for assessments and have a high success rate in securing their first-choice offers.


Mount Stewart Junior School is focused on developing children into confident, independent young people, optimally positioned to succeed and gain admission to their preferred secondary schools, whether selective or non-selective. Our rich and diverse curriculum is designed to equip students with the specific skills and the wider aptitudes they need to thrive in various senior school environments.


We engage closely with parents and children, providing support and guidance throughout the educational journey. This includes maintaining high aspirations for each student and ensuring they are academically prepared. We offer numerous opportunities for leadership, initiative, responsibility, and comprehensive social and pastoral support. This holistic approach ensures our pupils are academically prepared, confident and capable as they transition to secondary school life, including facing entrance exams and interviews.


Our students have been successful in gaining places at a diverse array of secondary schools, including non-selective schools like Claremont High School, Avanti House School, Bentley Wood High School, and selective institutions such as John Lyon, Queen Elizabeth Boys School, and St Helen’s High School.


Our alumni frequently reflect on their positive experiences at Mount Stewart Junior School, highlighting its diverse, safe, and inclusive environment and the supportive nature of our teachers. We pride ourselves on the effective study techniques imparted by our faculty, which have been instrumental in helping students pass their 11+ exams.


We provide parents and carers with comprehensive guidance throughout the decision-making process for local senior school choices. This includes detailed information on entrance requirements and application procedures. Our proactive approach has resulted in increasingly successful 11+ results, with a significant number of students gaining entry to their chosen selective schools.


A key aspect of our transition support is our close collaboration with Claremont High School, ensuring our pupils' smooth and confident progression into Year 7.