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Maths Ambassadors

At Mount Stewart School, we are dedicated to cultivating a vibrant learning environment, placing a strong emphasis on student leadership in Mathematics. We are committed to fostering confident and articulate leaders with a passion for Mathematics and problem-solving. Student leaders play a pivotal role in shaping our Mathematics teaching and learning experiences.


Our Math Ambassadors are empowered to assume key leadership roles, ensuring that their voices are not only heard but also influential in shaping our approach to mathematical concepts and understanding. Through their leadership skills, students are encouraged to express their insights on mathematical principles and share these perspectives with their peers.


The Math Ambassadors at Mount Stewart School shoulder specific responsibilities:


Showcase passion and enthusiasm for Mathematics.

Excel as an effective communicator within the school community.

Collaborate with teachers to share innovative ideas, promoting mathematical initiatives across the school.


Advocate for the importance of Mathematics and its practical relevance in our daily lives.

Work alongside fellow problem-solving enthusiasts to develop strategies for enhancing the school's mathematical environment.


Supervise and manage Mathematics resources in the classrooms.

Model respectful handling of mathematical tools, instilling a sense of responsibility among students.


Serve as Mathematics Champions, actively supporting and modeling learning within the class or the broader school context.

Through these initiatives, our Math Ambassadors play a vital role in ensuring that student perspectives are not only valued but also actively contribute to the enriching landscape of mathematical education at Mount Stewart School.