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Curriculum Overview

Mount Stewart Federation Curriculum Statement: Inspire. Achieve. Learn.


At Mount Stewart Federation, our curriculum embodies our motto: Inspire. Achieve. Learn. We offer a knowledge-rich, concept-driven curriculum designed to be progressive, purposeful, and grounded in subject-specific skills. Our goal is to nurture culturally literate, well-rounded individuals who are prepared to thrive in various aspects of modern life.


Intent and Context

Our curriculum revolves around the Mount Stewart learner, focusing on three core areas identified by parents as crucial for their child's development. Our teaching is guided by our 7R's, which represent the learning behaviours we value and incorporate into all aspects of school life. Our 20 core concepts, drawn from the National Curriculum, form the foundation of our curriculum. These concepts are explored through exciting themes and focus, ensuring repeated exposure and deep understanding throughout the students’ educational journey.

Our approach is to spark excitement and foster a love for learning. We combine the rigour of subject-specific knowledge with the adaptability of a concept-driven curriculum, allowing students to build on previous learning and establish meaningful connections across different areas. Our curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure it is tailored to the unique needs and context of our learners, preparing them for success in life.



Our curriculum implementation is driven by our intention to build resilient, successful, and respectful citizens. We focus on what and how we learn, our behaviour during learning, and our place in the world. Our curriculum structure, based on the National Curriculum and our 20 core concepts, provides a robust starting point. We enhance and deepen this with experiences that encourage choice and independent thinking. Essential Questions and enquiry-based opportunities immerse learners in their education. Visits, enrichment clubs, and involvement of visitors and parents enrich and deepen learning experiences.



The impact of our curriculum is centred on the learner. We aim to create an environment where students have genuine freedom of expression and choice, leading to personal and group connections with the content. Our curriculum is designed to produce thinkers who are resilient, capable of facing challenges and equipped with strategies for overcoming obstacles and progressing. We continually assess the effectiveness of our curriculum in creating these outcomes, ensuring that we are always focused on maximising the potential of each concept for the benefit of our learners.


At Mount Stewart Federation, we are committed to providing a dynamic, enriching educational experience that inspires our students to achieve and learn, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the future.