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Remote Learning Protocols

Google Meets Live Sessions for Remote Learning


Protocols for teachers and parents


At Mount Stewart, we aim to make our ‘online’ remote learning offer as useful and purposeful as possible and want to make sure the sessions are as practical as possible for our children and teachers. With that in mind, we have created the following protocols for everyone to ensure that you all have a smooth and positive experience. If there are hurdles that we have not expected, we will overcome them, and it will mean that next time we can run an even smoother process. We know that everyone will be supportive of this.


Teaching Timetables- The teachers will be available for Q&A sessions and have a timeframe of teaching times throughout the day.


Format- The purpose of the face-to-face Google Meet teaching sessions is for your child to interact with their teachers and follow the learning intentions set out in the daily timetable. Teachers will also be uploading resources onto Google Classrooms to support the learning. Please ensure that your child follows the teacher’s instructions regarding mute expectations, cameras on/off, and annotations. If parents wish to sit and support their children with learning, we ask that they are on mute and not interrupt the live teaching sessions. Learning feedback and live marking be given where appropriate. The teachers will set expectations for submitting learning on Google Classroom.


Safeguarding- As we did with ‘Zoom’ sessions during the lockdown, we will record the Google Meet sessions to ensure that we are all protected should any questions or allegations arise. We want to remind you that these sessions are live teaching sessions taking place in school and remotely. The teacher will lead these sessions in your child’s classroom in the school, and we would ask that if you have any questions regarding the learning please contact your child’s teacher on Google Classrooms


We hope that this is a successful format which we can build upon as the term progresses. We will welcome any feedback that both teachers and parents have.