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Inspiring Pupil Leaders Award

The Mount Stewart Schools Federation is extremely passionate about developing children's characters by providing students the opportunities to develop skills that extend beyond the core requirements of the curriculum.  We recognise that the journey of character development doesn’t happen by chance, but is the product of strong school leadership across a spectrum of domains, through the provision of progressive high-quality experiences.  Our initiatives and student offer has been acknowledged and applauded by external school leaders.  We have designed the 'Inspiring Pupil Leaders Award,' to share and celebrate our strategies across the national primary network of schools, so children across the country can benefit from leadership capital and development.


The Inspiring Pupil Leaders Award is an innovative accreditation that recognises leadership capital in schools, where the whole-school community supports and promotes initiatives that encourage all children to think that leadership and leadership skills are relevant and important to their lives, now and in the future, with reduced barriers to participation. The one-year school improvement programme identifies key generic leadership skills that school leaders strive to develop by providing young children the opportunity to practice being successful leaders of the future in preparation for the challenges that they will face in the world of tomorrow.


Contact for more information or to sign-up for the accreditation.