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Lunch Leaders

Our school is extremely lucky to have some brilliant Lunch Leaders.  At lunch time their role is to initiate games with KS1 children and support in the canteen as and when required.  They help the Midday Supervisory Assistants make our lunch times fun and enjoyable.  They organise playground games and activities for the pupils to participate in and work together to think of new, exciting activities for lunchtime.

Our Lunch Leaders have received training to lead younger pupils in structured, fun games and meet regularly throughout the year.  Their key responsibilities include: Supporting inclusive play for all children, Promoting recycling, and reinforcing the 7R's outside of the classroom. 


When children are actively engaged in activities behaviour improves and the playground is a fun and harmonious place to be.  The Playground Leaders are taught skills such as communication, rules of fair play, and organisation.  They are also taught lots of games and activities that they can lead and share with their peers.

Here is a message from the Lunch Leaders



We are the TMSS Lunch Leaders.

You can find us in the playground and canteen at lunchtime.

You can spot us easily as we wear bright fluorescent jackets.

Every day we come up with lots of different ideas for activities to support children during lunchtime to keep all of the children active and engaged. 

We are not here to boss anyone around or to take control of playground games. 

Our aim is to make lunchtimes an enjoyable experience by giving everyone the chance to engage in a range of activities and to promote wider friendship groups by encouraging children to join our activities.

We also support the running of the dining hall and canteen, making sure that we all uphold the school values and commitments such as the promotion of healthy eating and recycling.  

We recognise the importance of being organised, respectful, reliable and inclusive and have undertaken training which has helped us to develop our leadership skills.


Come and join us, we are here for everyone, not just those who are feeling a little lonely.

Together we can make lunchtimes brilliant for everyone.

Impact of our Lunch Leaders


"Our lunch leaders have been doing a wonderful job in both the canteens, encouraging our younger children to eat their lunch and try something new, helping with giving out the cutlery to putting cups on the table, and getting respect from the children and adults for doing a great job with a smile. They are always asking what should be done next and are ready for all tasks."

Mrs Shah


"I would like to nominate the Lunch Leaders for a 7R's award. All of the children are very sensible, great role models and are really helpful in the canteen and playground.  It has been a pleasure to work with them."

Mrs Santhiranesan