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Performing Arts at Mount Stewart

At Mount Stewart, we take immense pride in our comprehensive performing arts program. Our offerings include:

  • A variety of extra-curricular clubs where students can join a choir, explore drama with Lambda, and year group performances.
  • Both individual and group instrument lessons are available, with Brent Music School and Rock Steady catering to a large number of our students and accommodating various skill levels.
  • Numerous opportunities for our students to showcase their talents in the community through participation in local festivals, celebrations, and other public events.
  • School-wide concerts and performances that allow the entire Mount Stewart community to come together and appreciate the hard work and talent of our students.

Being a part of the Brent Music School community is a significant advantage. Their exceptional music program is tailored to instill our students' lifelong passion for music. The Brent Music Programme and Rock Steady offer an enriching experience for all pupils, regardless of their proficiency level. This includes an annual performance for each year group, giving our students a platform to demonstrate their instrumental skills and progress.


At Mount Stewart, we believe in nurturing the artistic talents of our students and providing them with ample opportunities to grow and excel in the performing arts.