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Safe Travel to School

At Mount Stewart, we are deeply committed to the safety and well-being of our students, especially during their daily travels to and from school. Understanding the importance of road safety, we are proud to have been awarded the Gold Award for the TFL Stars Community Project, recognising our dedication to promoting safe and sustainable travel.


To support our commitment, we want to offer parents a useful guide on teaching children the rules of safe walking, scooting, and cycling. This guide draws on expert advice and resources from trusted organisations like THINK! and Brake, both leading voices in road safety education.


Key areas covered in the guide include:

  1. Understanding Traffic Rules: Emphasising the importance of obeying traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, and road signs.
  2. Safe Walking Practices: Tips on staying alert while walking, using sidewalks, and understanding pedestrian signals.
  3. Scooting Safely: Guidelines on wearing appropriate safety gear, choosing safe routes, and being mindful of other pedestrians and road users.
  4. Cycling with Care: Advice on helmet safety, bike maintenance, and being visible and predictable to other road users.


This guide is not just about rules but about fostering a culture of safety and responsibility. By teaching our children these vital skills, we’re ensuring their safety and instilling in them the confidence to navigate their journeys independently and responsibly.


We encourage parents to use this guide to regularly discuss road safety with their children. Together, we can ensure that our students' journey to and from school is as safe and enjoyable as possible.


For more detailed information and resources, please visit THINK! and Brake via the above links. Let’s work together to keep our children safe on the roads.