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‘Children are nurtured from the outset and given exciting opportunities, which motivate them.’ Ofsted.

Nursery Statement Aligned with the 2023 Early Years Framework


Every child is entitled to an exceptional beginning in life, coupled with the support necessary to reach their fullest potential. The early years, from birth to age five, are a critical period in a child's development, significantly shaping their future opportunities and achievements. A secure, safe, and joyful childhood is not just an ideal; it's a crucial foundation in its own right. Through a combination of nurturing parenting and high-quality early learning, we aim to lay the groundwork for children to fully realise their abilities and talents as they mature.


The 2023 Early Years Framework establishes the standards to ensure that children from birth to 5 years old not only learn and develop effectively but are also maintained in healthy and safe environments. This framework, updated to reflect the latest research and best practices in early childhood education, is now statutory for all nursery and reception settings.


At Mount Stewart, we have embraced the latest iteration of the Early Years Framework, aligning our teaching methodologies and curriculum with its guidelines. Our approach is informed by the most current non-statutory curriculum guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage, ensuring that we provide an educational experience that is both developmentally appropriate and richly beneficial for our youngest learners.



As we navigate the continually evolving landscape of early childhood education, our commitment remains steadfast: to offer an enriching, nurturing, and stimulating environment where every child can thrive during these formative years. We are dedicated to preparing our children not just for school, but for life, ensuring they have the best possible start on their lifelong journey of learning and growth.

Welcome to Mount Stewart Nursery

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