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Music Curriculum at Mount Stewart 


Approach and Planning:
At Mount Stewart, we deeply understand the value of music in mastering core skills and enhancing social and emotional wellbeing. Music is a key element in our curriculum, fostering creative collaboration and a sense of our place in the world. It's a powerful tool that not only develops social skills but also supports the emotional wellbeing of our students. Our approach to music education transforms our students into inquisitive investigators and aspiring entrepreneurs, offering rich experiences that align with the 7R's learning behaviours. Through music, we bring together children from various backgrounds, celebrating diversity and building strong relationships, thereby creating a vibrant and inclusive school community where everyone can express themselves and connect with others.


Teaching Strategies:
In our curriculum at Mount Stewart, we strategically collaborate with Brent Music Service (BMS) and MusicsCool, supplemented by skilled peripatetic teachers, to provide a diverse range of instrumental and vocal tuition. This partnership enriches our students' learning experiences, aligning with our commitment to mastering core skills, fostering social skills, and enhancing emotional wellbeing. Our students are offered the opportunity to participate in a variety of BMS events, which not only nurture their talents as creative collaborators and inquisitive investigators but also provide them with rich experiences. By participating in these events, our students gain a deeper understanding of their place in our world and develop skills that are essential for aspiring musicians.

BMS Events

  • Brent Primary School Choir of the Year
  • BMS Junior Fest
  • BMS Junior Musician of the Year
  • Brent Makes Music
  • Brent Young Musician of the Year 


Curriculum Intent:
The Music curriculum at Mount Stewart is meticulously crafted to master core skills in music while enhancing social and emotional well-being. It's an integral part of our students' journey in becoming creative collaborators and inquisitive investigators. Through music, we:

  • Celebrate and embrace diversity, uniting students from various backgrounds and fostering a sense of our place in our world.
  • Aim to develop social skills and emotional wellbeing through the universal language of music.
  • Encourage each student to express themselves, thereby boosting self-confidence, creativity, and a sense of achievement.
  • Ensure that all students, regardless of age or ability, actively engage in singing, performing, composing, and listening to a wide range of musical genres and instruments.
  • Offer rich experiences in music education, aligning with the 7R's learning behaviours – respect, resourcefulness, reflectiveness, resilience, responsiveness, relating, and risk-taking.
  • Cultivate aspiring entrepreneurs in the arts through a curriculum that fosters a lifelong love and interest in music.
  • Recognise the importance of high-quality music education in boosting self-confidence, creativity, and sense of achievement.
  • Embrace the diverse musical experience and knowledge brought by our diverse community.
  • Curriculum designed for children of all ages and abilities to engage in singing, performing, composing, and listening.
  • Inclusion of a variety of musical instruments in the curriculum.
  • Participation in year group productions and BMS music performances for all students.
  • Regular singing in assemblies to foster community spirit.
  • Comprehensive learning program for playing various musical instruments.
  • Aim to cultivate a lifelong love and interest in music among all students.


Our music curriculum is not just about learning notes and rhythms; it's about building a well-rounded, culturally aware, and emotionally intelligent individual.


At Mount Stewart, our 'no ceiling' approach and adaptive planning ensure that every student, regardless of ability or specific educational needs, is engaged in a comprehensive music education. Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Encourage students of all abilities, including those with SEND and the most able, to actively perform, listen to, review, and evaluate music from various historical periods, genres, styles, and traditions.
  • Introduce students to the works of great composers and musicians, setting our baseline in alignment with the national curriculum and the Model Music Curriculum (2021).
  • Benefit from the expertise of BMS specialists who teach music with confidence and quality.
  • Place a strong emphasis on vocabulary and language in music education.
  • Provide diverse musical experiences in whole school assemblies, discussing genres, instruments, composition, and history.
  • Learn and practice vocal skills in singing assemblies, culminating in whole-year group performances.
  • Offer creative opportunities for students to compose music individually and collaboratively, using instruments like violins in KS1 and recorders in KS2.
  • Provide all students with the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, guided by skilled BMS peripatetic music teachers.


Inclusivity and Support:
At Mount Stewart, we wholeheartedly believe in the inclusive power of music. Every student is actively encouraged to engage in our music program, irrespective of their ability level. We provide diverse opportunities for all students to learn various instruments and showcase their talents through performances. This approach is rooted in our commitment to fostering a supportive and nurturing environment where each child can explore and develop their musical potential, reinforcing our dedication to inclusivity, personal growth, and the celebration of individual talents.


At Mount Stewart, our impactful music curriculum is structured around regular assessments, ensuring continuous development in musical knowledge and skills. This approach aligns with our commitment to mastering core skills and fostering inquisitive investigators in music. Key aspects of our curriculum include:

  • Focused revisiting of key musical aspects to enhance retention and deeper understanding, demonstrating our 'no ceiling' approach to learning.
  • Evidence that children learn more and remember more, as our curriculum is designed to repeatedly engage with essential musical concepts.
  • The impact of our teaching strategies is visible in the enhanced knowledge and skills of our pupils.
  • Consistent implementation of assessment for learning, allowing teachers to continually adapt and refine the curriculum.
  • Ongoing assessments provide critical insights, enabling teachers to identify areas for improvement and personal growth.


Our strategy ensures that all pupils, including the least able, those with SEND, and the most able, benefit from a rich, inclusive, and well-rounded musical education. This method not only enhances their social skills and emotional wellbeing but also nurtures them as creative collaborators and aspiring musicians, fully prepared for their place in our diverse and dynamic world.

When students leave Mount Stewart they will:

Have an appreciation and understanding of music, carrying with them skills and experiences that extend far beyond the classroom. They will:

  • Possess a well-rounded knowledge of various musical genres, traditions, and practices.
  • Have developed key musical skills, including proficiency in playing instruments and vocal abilities.
  • Be confident performers, having had numerous opportunities to showcase their talents.
  • Exhibit an understanding of music's role in cultural expression and global awareness.
  • Have honed their creativity and collaborative skills through diverse musical projects and performances.
  • Carry with them an enduring passion for music, whether as a personal interest or a potential future pursuit.
  • Be equipped with the emotional intelligence and empathy gained through the communal experience of music-making and appreciation.





    At Mount Stewart, the music program is expertly led by Brent Music Service, facilitated by Insia Bor and Mala Patel, who are dedicated to nurturing students' musical talents and enriching the school's cultural landscape.

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