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Racial Justice, Equality and Diversity

Within the Mount Stewart Federation, our pride is deeply rooted in the cultural richness and diversity of our school community. At Mount Stewart Federation, we are a vibrant mosaic of different cultures, with our families speaking an astounding 45 different languages. This diversity is not just a fact; it's a celebrated part of our identity.


Our mission at Mount Stewart Federation is to actively foster an environment of racial equality and inclusivity. This mission is grounded in the fundamental value of loving and respecting our neighbours, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, culture, or background. For us, embracing diversity is more than a principle; it is a dynamic practice that we integrate into every facet of school life. We see the diversity of our community as a vital strength that enriches the learning experience for all.


We are committed to providing a holistic education that touches every aspect of the curriculum. This means going beyond traditional academic subjects to nurture an understanding and appreciation of different cultures and perspectives. Our educational approach is designed to develop the whole person, ensuring our students grow not only in knowledge but also in empathy and global awareness. By embedding these values into our curriculum, we aim to prepare our students to become compassionate, well-informed, and socially responsible citizens of the world.