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RRSA Champions

The RRSA Ambassadors are nominated by their peers across the Federation from years 1 – 6.  They work together with adults in the school including parents (duty bearers), pupils, and school councillors (rights holders) to tell children about their rights according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).  There are 42 Articles under this Convention that relates to children under the age of 18.  All pupils are encouraged to learn the relevant RRSA Articles and able to recognise if these rights are granted or denied and to share any concerns.  Ambassadors work together to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect by doing the following:


  • Talk to their friends about positive playground interactions and feeling happy in school
  • Share learning about their rights across the curriculum with all children 
  • Take part in assemblies and meetings to promote RRSA with the team
  •  Represent children’s views at student council meetings
  •  Model excellent behaviour and 7 Rs at all time


Children usually take part in UNICEF Outright Campaign every year (prior to Covid), with initiatives from UNICEF such as the Football Challenge for Charity.  They also shared their views on the Rights of Refugee children, learning about these Rights in Articles 10 and 22 which state that refugee children have a right to protection and to be with their family in the UK. Also, Article 24 and a clean environment.  How the effects of pollution and climate change can deny their rights.  Ambassadors help their peers to become global citizens by making them aware of current events.

RRSA Ambassadors 2023