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House Captains

House Captains 2023-2024

Introducing the House Captains

  • Hello everyone, Hi, my name is Rishaan from 6M, and I am proud to be the House Captain for Fire. I will try my best to help my fellow students and promise to lead Fire to success. I aim to achieve house points more frequently to soar to the top and, ultimately, succeed with the House Cup.


  • Hi, my name is Hei-Suen in 6M  I am the house captain of Earth. I promise that I will work hard and try my best to lead my house to success.
  • Hi, my name is Noor, in 6S, and I am your House captain for Air. This year I will be sure to try my hardest to listen to others and lead my house to success. I believe being a House captain is all about being a good leader and setting an example for others but, most importantly, inspiring them to do better.


  • Hi, my name is Zeni in 6S, and I am the House Captain for Fire. I always try my hardest to make children feel safe, cared for, equal, and, most importantly, happy when they come to school. I have a strong desire to support the school and I believe that being a House Captain is about setting an example, being a good leader and inspiring those around you to do better. I will work hard to make sure that everyone’s issues and concerns are heard, and my main goal is to make the school a fun and enjoyable place to learn. Thank you.


  • Hi Everyone, my name is Yaseen from 6S, and I am the House Captain for Water. I am kind and friendly and will treat everyone with respect. I promise to work hard to be a good leader that you will all be proud of. I will assist teachers and students in any way possible to the best of my ability.


  • Hello. My name is Rian, and I am in class 5J. I am pleased to announce that I am your vice house captain for Water. I am kind, caring and a good listener and I will do my best to help you with anything. I will try to make this school a happy and fun place for you to come to every day. Thank You.


  • Hi, my name is Vivan, and I am your new vice house captain. I am kind, responsive and friendly and I will try my best for you and the school.


  • Hi, my name is Aarav, and I am vice house captain for air. I promise I will do my best and lead my house to success.


  • Hi, my name is Hadi, and I am in 5S. I am the Vice House Captain of the house fire. I would like to help everyone, even people who are not in my house. I will try my best to make this school a better place. I am a very kind and caring member of this school. I hope you enjoy the changes we will be making to the school.


  • I am your Earth Vice House Captain, and I can support important school decisions being made. I will work hard and lead by example when representing our house. I am kind, polite, supportive and brave and hope to help others. I also hope to bring some fun to our school activities! I am looking forward to the next few months! Maxi


  • Hi, my name is Reyan, and I am in Year 5. I am a vice house captain of Water. As a vice house captain, I would like to be the voice of my house, speaking up and listening to my house for any ideas to improve the school. I would like to help more children and make sure children are happy and safe.