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Sports at Mount Stewart Federation

At Mount Stewart Federation, we place great emphasis on Physical Education (PE) as a key component of our students' educational and personal growth. Our PE curriculum is designed to promote physical health, teamwork, resilience, and self-esteem, aligning with our school's 7R's ethos. We offer a diverse range of sports and activities, ensuring that every student can engage in physical activities that interest and challenge them.


Curriculum and Teaching Strategies

  • Our PE curriculum is developed in partnership with Challenge Sport & Education (CSE), focusing on mastering core skills and overall well-being.
  • We blend high-quality teacher-led sessions with specialist-led interactions to provide a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Our curriculum goes beyond the National Curriculum, aiming to instil a lifelong passion for sports and physical activity, with an emphasis on safety, teamwork, and effective communication.


Curriculum Intent and Beyond

  • We aim for excellence in PE, encouraging students to represent their school, town, county, and even country in various sports.
  • Our approach is inclusive and adaptive, catering to all pupils, including those with SEND and the most able.
  • PE at Mount Stewart supports the whole child development, aiding concentration and understanding across the curriculum.


Implementation and Inclusivity

  • In partnership with CSE, we offer an extensive range of activities, ensuring progression from EYFS to Year 6.
  • Lessons are tailored to individual needs and include holistic elements like human anatomy and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Staff receive ongoing training to enhance their PE teaching skills.


Impact and Assessment

  • The impact of our PE program is evaluated through various methods, including self-assessment, healthy competition, and regular feedback.
  • We provide competitive opportunities and encourage self-assessment among students.
  • Regular planning reviews ensure the PE curriculum remains dynamic and responsive to student needs.


Outcomes for Students

Upon leaving Mount Stewart, students will have:

  • Mastered a wide range of physical skills and gained a deep understanding of physical health and nutrition.
  • Developed strong social, communication, and teamwork skills, along with sportsmanship.
  • Emerged as confident leaders with entrepreneurial qualities, applying skills learned in PE to broader life scenarios.
  • Experienced a broad spectrum of physical activities, fostering a lifelong appreciation for fitness and well-being.


Overall, our PE program at Mount Stewart Federation is designed to develop students not just in physical aspects but also in their social, emotional, and leadership skills, preparing them for a healthy and active life.