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Public Service Equality Duty - September 2024

Mount Stewart School's Commitment to Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) - 2024 



Understanding the PSED

The PSED, as mandated by the Equality Act 2010, requires public bodies, including educational institutions like ours, to consider and address the needs of individuals across all ‘protected characteristics’ – race, disability, sex, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, and gender reassignment.


Our approach encompasses three fundamental elements:

  1. Eliminating Discrimination: Proactively identifying and mitigating any form of discrimination or prohibited conduct as outlined in the act.
  2. Advancing Equality of Opportunity: Ensuring equal opportunities and treatment for individuals with and without protected characteristics.
  3. Fostering Good Relations: Promoting positive interactions and understanding among people from diverse backgrounds and characteristics.


Note: While age is considered in employment aspects, it is not a focus in relation to our students. The PSED integrates and extends beyond the previous duties related to disability, race, and gender equality.


Mount Stewart School's Approach to PSED

We have embedded our commitment to equality in various policies and practices, ensuring equitable opportunities and a nurturing environment for all. Key policies include:

  • Equality Policy
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy
  • Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Accessibility Plan


We pride ourselves on minimal disparities in attainment across diverse groups, reflecting our inclusive educational ethos.

  1. Eliminating Discrimination: We serve a diverse community and place significant emphasis on monitoring and supporting the progress of all our students, with particular attention to underrepresented or disadvantaged groups. This includes a structured system of tracking and intervention to address any issues of underachievement or specific needs.
  2. Advancing Equality of Opportunity: We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all students. Regular monitoring and evaluation of student performance across various groups guide our targeted interventions to address any performance disparities. Our inclusive practices extend to collaborations with external agencies and specialist professionals to support individual student needs.
  3. Fostering Good Relations: Our curriculum and extracurricular activities are designed to promote understanding and respect for diverse cultures and backgrounds. Initiatives include fundraising events, a globally-informed curriculum, partnerships with local faith organisations, and active engagement in community projects. These efforts are complemented by our strong partnerships with local schools and a variety of enriching after-school clubs.


Our Equality Objectives

In alignment with the PSED requirements, our objectives focus on:

  • Educational Initiatives: Enhancing understanding of equality and diversity through curriculum-based education, promoting a harmonious and inclusive environment.
  • Achievement Goals: Ensuring all students, irrespective of their background, achieve high standards and make significant progress in their learning journey.
  • Leadership and Management Practices: Upholding equal opportunities in staff recruitment and continually assessing our policies and practices to reinforce our commitment to equality.


Ongoing Commitment and Transparency

At Mount Stewart School, we are dedicated to not only fulfilling our legal obligations under the PSED but also going beyond them to create an environment where every student feels valued, respected, and empowered. We recognise that this is an evolving journey and remain committed to regularly reviewing and updating our practices to ensure they reflect the best interests of our entire school community.


We believe that our comprehensive approach to the PSED significantly contributes to a positive, inclusive, and equitable learning environment for all our students. We invite our school community to engage with us in this ongoing journey towards greater equality and understanding.


Mount Stewart School - Uniting in Diversity and Excellence