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Oracy at Mount Stewart Federation: Empowering Voices Through Speaking and Listening


At Mount Stewart Federation, we deeply value the voice of each pupil. We understand that a robust Oracy Education is pivotal in nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped to excel both within the school environment and in the broader world.


Defining Oracy Oracy transcends mere speaking; it is the art of articulating ideas, expanding understanding, and engaging with others through spoken language. This skill set not only encompasses effective communication but also emphasises active listening. Oracy is a harmonious blend of learning to express oneself confidently and absorbing knowledge through interactive dialogue, fostering a rich and dynamic learning experience.


Oracy in Practice at Mount Stewart Federation Our approach to Oracy involves a multifaceted spectrum of activities. We encourage all children to undertake presentations, developing their ability to convey ideas coherently and confidently. This practice enhances speaking skills and fosters critical thinking and content organisation.


Furthermore, we integrate debating into our curriculum, allowing pupils to explore various viewpoints, refine their arguments, and develop respect for diverse opinions. Debating sharpens students' ability to think on their feet and argue persuasively, skills essential for effective communication.


Performance arts play a significant role in our Oracy approach. Students learn to project their voices, articulate emotions, and engage audiences through drama performances, assemblies, and public speaking events. These activities build speaking prowess and imbue students with confidence and poise.


Lastly, we place a strong emphasis on listening skills. Active listening exercises are embedded in our curriculum to ensure that students are articulate speakers and empathetic listeners. These activities help students in understanding and responding to the views of others, a critical component of effective communication.


At Mount Stewart Federation, we are committed to providing an Oracy Education that equips our students with the skills necessary to become eloquent, thoughtful, and engaged citizens. Through speaking, listening, debating, performing, and presenting, our students are empowered to find their voice and make it heard.