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Geography at Mount Stewart Federation


Approach and Planning:

From Year 1, our teaching of Geography at Mount Stewart Federation is rooted in a structured, knowledge-based approach. We employ elements of the CUSP (Curriculum with Unity Schools Partnerships) curriculum. This ensures a clear progression of skills and knowledge from Reception to Year 6. Our planning emphasises building upon prior learning and explicit teaching of Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary. We focus on the 'what' and 'how' of learning a subject, integrating the etymology of terms and transitioning from worked examples to independent tasks.

  • Structured, knowledge-based approach from Year 1, aligning with the CUSP curriculum.
  • Clear skill and knowledge progression from Reception to Year 6.
  • Emphasis on building upon prior learning and explicit teaching of Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary.
  • Focus on understanding the 'what' and 'how' in geography, including etymology and transition from examples to independent tasks.


Teaching Strategies:

Our strategies aim to deepen understanding and enhance long-term retention:

  • Retrieval practice to reinforce learning and aid memory recall.
  • Interleaving of concepts to strengthen understanding and facilitate the 'knowing more and remembering more' philosophy.
  • Elaboration of ideas for in-depth knowledge and skills development.


These are supported by cumulative quiz questions and 'Show what you know' segments in each lesson, ensuring knowledge becomes ingrained. Our use of knowledge notes, incorporating key vocabulary and images, bolsters learning.


Curriculum Intent:

Our intent is to foster a boundless learning environment where children of all abilities, including those with SEND, thrive in Geography. We aim to expand their understanding of human and physical geography interactions, diverse cultures, and environmental impact. Our curriculum is designed to nurture curiosity about the world and instil environmental consciousness.

  • Aim to create a learning environment for all abilities, including SEND students.
  • Expand understanding of human and physical geography, diverse cultures, and environmental impact.
  • Develop curiosity about the world and environmental consciousness.



Geography is taught in half-termly blocks, allowing for thorough coverage and embedding of knowledge and skills. By Year 6, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the natural world, environmental impacts, climate change, and their roles in environmental stewardship. Our geographical location and programme of residentials offer opportunities for hands-on learning, enabling students to connect deeply with local and global geography.

  • Half-termly blocks for comprehensive coverage of geography.
  • By Year 6, students gain a thorough understanding of the natural world, climate change, and environmental stewardship.
  • Hands-on learning through geographical location and residential programs.


Inclusivity and Support: We are committed to providing an inclusive learning environment. Our lessons are designed to be accessible and engaging for all students, including those with SEND. We employ strategies such as differentiated instruction, use of assistive technologies, and tailored support to ensure that every student can participate fully and benefit from our Geography curriculum.

  • Inclusive and adaptive learning environment catering to all students, including those with SEND.
  • Differentiated instruction, assistive technologies, and tailored support for full participation.



The impact of our diverse and tailored Geography curriculum is evident in our students' enthusiastic engagement and growing interest in geographical studies. They enjoy a broad range of geographical investigations, which helps deepen their knowledge, feed curiosity, and enhance their analytical skills. These skills are transferable across other subjects, demonstrating the comprehensive and continual development of their geographical understanding throughout their education.

  • Evident enthusiasm and interest in geographical studies.
  • Broad range of geographical investigations, deepening knowledge and analytical skills.
  • Skills transferable across subjects, showing continual development in geographical understanding.

Kate Beer is our dedicated Geography Lead at Mount Stewart Federation, who brings a wealth of expertise and passion to our geography curriculum, inspiring students to explore and appreciate the diverse and dynamic world around them.