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The Mount Stewart Schools Careers Week 27th - 31st January

As part of our Personal Development curriculum we need to ensure that the children understand the role of people who help them and the qualities needed within a workplace. Latest research shows that inspiring young people about the world of work needs to start at an early age. Children should have encounters with the world of work from the age of five to see the connection between what they learn and what they might want to do in the future. Therefore I have organised a Careers Week (27th - 31st January) to give all children the opportunity to experience career-related learning that enables them to engage progressively in a wide range of experiences of transitions and the world of work. If your children are interested they can apply for a staff position within the schools (please see attached application form).  If their application is successful they will work alongside a member of staff for the day: morning or afternoon, helping with their duties and dealing with the day to day elements of school life that are normally unseen.


All completed applications need to be returned to school office by Tuesday 21st January.