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Year 4 enterprise 10/05/19


Week 1- What an amazing trial start to our enterprise by year 4. 4M were first to pick the items to sell and we cleared out all our stock! 


We sold and produced fruit kebabs, fresh mango and strawberry smoothies. Watermelon slices and ice lollies! 


We made an outstanding amount of £254.00 for our first day of sales. 

Thank you to all the parents that supported us, we are very proud of our budding entrepreneurs.


Week 2- 4S raised a total amount of £200.00 on Friday 17th May

They sold fresh lemonade, fruit skewers and ice lollies, although the weather didn't shine down on us we still made a good profit.


Lets hope we can aim for £700 by the end of half term.


Total so far= £454.00 


Thank you again for all your support!

Week 3- 4J had the sun shining down on them today.

With delightful new enterprise ideas such as caterpillar kebabs, handmade crafts, homemade lemonade and ice lollies.

We raised £196.95


Week 4-Despite a few drizzle's- the sun shone down on us for our enterprise. 

The children made chocolate strawberry skewers, plain strawberry, ice cream cones with toppings & lemonade. A new introduction of popcorn sold a treat!


Thank you to Cameron's Mum - Ramila and Akshay's mum Sushma for your continued support throughout our enterprise! 


We raised- £130.00 



Week 5-

Well done to everyone that helped us contribute to Year 4 Enterprise! We finally have an approximate total of

= £ 900



 On Gateway please ensure payment for your child can attend the Harry potter studio trip on Thursday 11th July- 2019.

We will leave school at 3:00pm and return at 9:00pm