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The Mount Stewart Schools

Year 3

Autumn /Winter Sessions


Week 1 - Stone Age Hunters


Year 3 have been learning about the Stone Age so we thought we would try out some of our stalking and hunting skills. Stone Age hunters were excellent at working together to move quietly while searching for food and hunted using spears. We practiced our sneaking skills as a group and even made up some hand signals to communicate without talking. 


Week 2 - Invertebrates


Animals who don't have a backbone (spine) or an internal skeleton are called invertebrates. We got a head start on our Science lessons by investigating the different types of invertebrates in the garden, and where they live. Underneath the logs in the willow dome were especially active with woodlice, centipedes, slugs, and spiders. We could see evidence of the woodlice eating the dead wood of the logs by the tunnels and wood dust they had left behind. Overall we found over 15 different types of invertebrates in the garden. Not bad for a cool and damp autumn day!












































Week 3 - Mini-Shelters


With all the rain we've been having we thought we would put our construction skills to the test! First, we created our very own stick people by practicing our lashing and knot tying skills. We searched for some Y-shaped sticks for their legs and body, then a shorter stick for their arms. Then, we wrapped string around the arms and body to keep them together before using our overhand knot (shoelace starter!) to secure them. 


Next we went out to the banks on the playground to design and build shelters for our stick people to keep them comfortable in the rain. Some of us focused more on the "home comforts" such as beds and chairs, than on keeping our stick people dry, but there was definitely an impressive display of imagination and creativity!