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The Mount Stewart Schools

Year 2

Autumn/Winter Sessions

Pearl Class

Week 1 - Routines and Acorn Math


We didn't get any photos this week because we were so busy collecting items to use  for math questions. We practiced our addition and subtraction sentences while searching for acorns.


"If you have to find 10 acorns and have found 6, how many more do you need?"


"You have 12 acorns! That's too many, can you give some to ...? How many can you give away so you have 10?"


"What if you add your acorns with ...'s acorns? How many will you both have in total?"


Our nature bookmarks were also finished from our mini-session during the first week of school. They look amazing! We will attach the yarn tails in our next session.



Sapphire also made some bookmarks during our mini session the first week of school.


Week 2 - Opposites


Today we explored opposites in nature. We named different pairs of opposites and then set out to find them in nature. 

























Week 3 - Living vs. Non-living


Today we looked at the difference between living and non-living things. What makes something "living"? After some very insightful discussion we determined living things can; move, breathe, grow, and eat. We used this criteria while looking at items in the classroom, and realised there is not much alive in our class aside from us!


"What about our pencils? They are made of wood, and wood comes from trees. Trees are alive."  We decided that things that were living but are not any longer would be in their own group, called "dead" or "used to be living."


Once outside we explored the living and non-living things in our Science area. To much amazement, we found very few things that were non-living, such as rocks or soil. Almost everything was living, or used to be living. And these things were much more interesting, especially the mini-beasts!