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The Mount Stewart Schools

Year 1

Autumn/Winter Sessions

Coral Class

Week 1 - Using our Five Senses


Our first full session of Outdoor Learning was beautiful and sunny. We went for a scavenger hunt that focused on the five senses we use to experience the world around us. Some of the things we searched for were;

Smell - flowers, dried leaves, evergreen leaves

See - leaves falling from the trees, clouds, insects

Hear - wind blowing through the trees, crunchy leaves, birds singing

Feel - tree bark, wind in our hair, smooth rock

Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to try out taste because the apple tree took a year off from producing apples!















We also collected some very interesting objects, with acorns and feathers the favourites by far.




Week 2 - Outdoor Math


Today was all about numbers. Because we've been away from school for so long we thought we would use objects we found outside to practice our math skills. First we grouped found objects and matched them to their number. Sometimes an object would blow or roll away so we had to figure out how many were missing and replace them to finish a group! Then we used acorns to come up with addition facts to 10 and wrote them on our whiteboards. If we weren't sure about our numbers we would count our acorns to check.























Week 3 - Weather Senses


This week the weather gave us the perfect day to explore our senses in some rather dramatic weather. It was windy and rainy, but we put on our wellies and zipped our coats, then headed outside for some five senses exploration.


We pushed ourselves against the wind, listened to the sound of tapping toes in puddles, and even tried to taste the raindrops falling from the sky!


Before we could get too wet we returned inside to draw a picture and write about what we experienced with our five senses.



"I can taste the raindrops on my tongue. They taste cold!"


"I can hear splashes when I step in the puddles."


"I can see leaves blowing in the wind."


"I can feel the wind pushing me when I try to run. It's pushing hard!"





Week 4 - Colour Hunt


Today we did some math while exploring the Rain Garden in the junior school. We discovered how many different colours autumn brings to the garden, and each time we found a colour in a natural objects we marked it on a tally sheet. We couldn't count the same type of flower or plant (or piece of grass!) more than once or we would have thousands of tally marks, so we had to remember what things we had already marked down.












At the end we had to count all our tally marks for each colour and record the total number. We found that green was the most common colour, followed closely by brown. "All the plants have green on them!" The least common natural colour was red at this time of year: all we could find were apples. 














"There's a purple tomato!"

Week 5 - Camouflage


In Science, Year 1 have been learning about different animals and their characteristics. We explored how different animals are able to hide from predators using camouflage by searching for different coloured pieces of yarn in the playground. The blue and purple yarn were the easiest colours to find, but orange and brown were really hard! There may even be a piece or two still outside, waiting to become part of some lucky animal's winter home! Students discussed reasons for why orange and brown were difficult to find. They concluded it was because they were the same colours as the leaves on the ground, trees, and soil so they were harder to find.


Next, we used our discovery of using colour to blend in with our surroundings, and collected materials to hep hide a lizard. In class, we coloured our lizards so they would match the materials we collected, and would be able to hide from any predators!






Week 6 - Patterns


Patterns are found everywhere; on leaves, in songs, in numbers, on clothing... and we don't even realise it! We explored different patterns and were amazed at how many places they're found. All of us had at least one pattern on a piece of clothing, from stripes on socks to the ribbing on the bottom of our jumpers. Outside we used body percussion to create beats with our bodies with a count of four. STOMP CLAP STOMP CLAP!  or tap head, head, knees, knees. There were a lot of really creative patterns!


Next, we tried created alternating patterns using sticks, leaves, and rocks, but the wind picked up and blew away all of our leaves! Finally, we explored patterns we don't usually recognise by taking crayon rubbings of different surfaces in our playground. Who knew patterns were everywhere!?!


"The lines on the leaves are the same. They make a pattern!"












                                               "The top of the poles make circles."