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The Mount Stewart Schools

Year 1

Autumn Term - Coral and Tiger Eye


We have been discovering how different animals have skin, scales, fur, or feathers with colours that help them to blend in with their surroundings. Students pointed out how this is useful to hide them from predators who may want to have them for dinner. Though sometimes  the predators use their special colouring to sneak up on their prey! Some students thought this was very sneaky and a bit unfair, but all agreed it was very clever.


Can you spot the animal camouflaged in these photos? Answers are at the end of this post (no peeking early!)











See more amazing examples of camouflage from the Natural History Museum here


Then we set out to find objects to use to camouflage our very own lizards.


Students considered the colours of the objects they found and choose the colours for their lizards so they would be well hidden. How well did we match our surroundings and hide our creatures?

























Not all the objects we found were natural, but our lizards adapted and camouflaged anyway.




























                  Frog                                        Katydid



Autumn Scavenger Hunt


Coral class used their senses to discover and identify different signs of autumn. Some items on their list were; to feel the wind on your face, smell dried leaves, and to find a maple key.












Grouping with Nature


Tiger Eye used their math knowledge to identify and create groups of natural objects. Next they broke up and used their groups to add numbers and objects up to 10.












On a day full of special assemblies and events we had very little time outside, but did we ever have a great time. It was the windiest school day we had had this autumn and we decided to use it! We tested how fast the wind was blowing by racing leaves thrown up in the air. Some of us managed to beat the leaves if they got caught in a particularly twisty bit of wind!