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The Mount Stewart Schools


This week we have started our new topic on , 'Who lives under the sea?' The children have enjoyed exploring the question about what they can find under the sea? We have read the story 'Commotion In The Ocean to learn more about the animals that lives under the sea.
Playingand learning new vocabularies.
The children continued to role play in the vet area, caring for the sick animals.
Taking care of the animals at the vet.
Role playing.

The children have been very busy roleplaying in the home corner, pretending to cook their favourite food. The children enjoyed playing with various construction materials , including 3d shapes.

This week we had many episodes of rain, but it did not stop the children from going out and play and exploring in the rain. The children practised taking their shoes off and putting the rain-suit on independently.

Playing in the rain.
Building with 3d shapes.
The children are getting better at completing their challenge each day. They enjoy collecting lolly sticks at the end of their challenge.
Challenge table.