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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 9

This week children have been very busy learning about people who help us. We have been learning about how the fire fighters help us. The children enjoyed looking at different books

about people who help us, including others books they enjoy in the reading corner.

Picture 1 Looking through their favourite books.
Picture 2 Looking through their favopurite books.
 The children have been exploring why the leaves change colour in Autumn. They have been talking about the different colours they can see around them and painted their own leaves in a autumn colour.
Picture 1 Painting leaves in Autumn colours.
 This week the nursery children had a challenge of having a go at writing their names on every piece of work they completed.
Picture 1
Picture 2
The children enjoyed playing with the aqua beads. They took their time to pick each beads with a twizzer and putting it into the test tube.
Picture 1 Playing with aqua beads.
 The children in the nursery practised counting and matching numbers with quantity.
Picture 1 Counting and matching numbers with quantity.
Picture 2 Counting and matching numbers with quantity.