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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 9


This week our children in the nursery have been very busy making pizza. We used our favourite toppings for our pizza. The children enjoyed talking about what they like about pizza.

Picture 1 Children talking about their favourite toppings.
The children enjoyed learning the names of different healthy toppings.They were excited to help prepare and make their own pizza.The children understand the importance of washing hands and staying clean when preparing food.
Picture 1
Picture 2 Chopping the vegetables.
Picture 3 Spreading the sauce.

 Earlier this year, the children in the nursery had planted their sun flower seed. They have worked very hard to look after it. They have watered the plants and took the weeds out. Each week we measured to see how tall it has grown.

This week the sunflower has grown very tall and healthy. We are just waiting for it to flower


Picture 1 The sunflower plant.
Picture 2 The children are checking the sunflower.