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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 8

 This week the children in the nursery have been very busy planting and making fire works.

 They learnt who  Guy Fawkes was and what he planned to do. 

 The children worked very hard to clear the nursery garden and planted different flower buds, ready for it to grow in the spring. The children planted  daffodils, tulips and crocuses in the garden.
Planting in the garden.
The children talked about the different sound the fire work makes and the colours they can see in the sky when the fire work goes off. The children enjoyed making fireworks with different coloured paint and glitters.
Sparkle in the sky.
Colourful fire works.
The children have been very busy mark making both indoor and out door in the nursery.
Mark making in side the nursery.
Finger painting.
Mark making in the out door.
Finding numbers in the jelly baff.
 The children enjoyed role playing in the home corner, pretending to cook. They also enjoyed role playing in the baby clinic  pretending to be a doctor and looking after sick babies.
Role playing in the baby clinic.
 The children have been very busy cutting different lines out.
Cutting a zigzag line.
Practise cutting.