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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 8

This week our caterpillars have transformed into butterflies. The children were overjoyed to watch this process.  At the same time the children knew that it was time for us to say goodbye to our butterflies  and let them go , so that they can fly.

 Some children were a little upset but they understood the importance of letting the butterflies live in its   natural world.

Picture 1 The butterflies have come out.
Picture 1 Discussing why we should let the butterflies go.

 The children went to the garden and together we carefully let the butterflies go one at a time.  Some of the     butterflies struggled to fly at first and the children waited patiently until it was able to fly independently.

Picture 1 Letting the butterflies go.
Picture 2 Letting the butterflies go.
 This week the children have been learning how to estimate and count. They practised estimating using different objects in the class.
Picture 1 Estimating and counting to check.
The children have been very busy practising to draw around different letters. They also practised forming the letters correctly.
Picture 1 Letter writing practise.