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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 7

This week, children in the nursery have been doing lots of exciting activities. They have been very busy preparing for their Learning assembly. The children were excited to show their parents about what they had been learning and also what they will continue to learn this term.

The children created 3-D minibeasts using paper mache. They have all worked very hard to make their favourite mini beast and talk about the different things it can do.

Picture 1 Mini-beasts
Picture 2 Making their mini-beasts
 Through out the week the children read the book called, The Very Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Karl . We talked about the life cycle of a butterfly and we are watching the whole process happening in our class. The children have been observing how our caterpillar has turned into a cocoon just as it did in the story. They are fascinated by this process and they are constantly discussing it in class.
Picture 1 Our caterpillar has turned into a cocoon.
Picture 2 Preparing the nest for the butterfly.
The children are discovering mini-beasts everywhere. They are fascinated by their discovery. They are learning how to take care of the tiny mini-beasts.
Picture 1 Children found a ladybird in the garden.
Picture 2 Being careful with the ladybird.
This week, the children had fun in the drama workshop which was part of our theme, 'Inside Out' film. The children enjoyed taking part in this session and they were all fully engaged, acting out different scenarios.
Picture 1 Drama workshop.
Picture 2 Drama workshop
The children were excited by the visit from the Zoo Lab. They were brave and enjoyed looking, touching and learning more about the different mini-beasts.The children learned about African snails, stick insects, scorpions and snakes! 
Children made a very long worm with cubes and practised counting them.
Picture 1 Children made a long worm.
Picture 2 Counting the cubes.