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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 6

This week, children in the nursery have been very busy learning and exploring their new topic on mini-beasts.The children were excited and enjoyed the different activities set out for them. They listened to the different sound in our environment and used their imagination and musical instruments to make the sound of different mini-beasts.
Picture 1 Moving like a minibeasts with their own music.
Picture 2 Creating their own dance and music.

 The children used the magnets to find the different letters in the tray.They have  been very busy learning the name of letters and their sounds. They have also been writing their names on the whiteboard.

Picture 1 Finding different letters using a magnet.
Picture 2 Letter search
Picture 3 Name writing practise.
 The children enjoyed playing with the coloured pasta. They were excited to find different minibeasts hiding inside. The children learnt the names of the different mini-beasts.
Picture 1 Finding minibeasts and naming them.
Picture 2 Minibeast hunt
 Children used available resources to decorate a snail.
Picture 1 Decorating a snail.
 The children looked closely at the different minibeasts and talked about what is same and what is different about them.
Picture 1 Exploring the minibeasts
Picture 2 Comparing minibeasts