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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 5

This week the children in Nursery have been very busy discussing how to make their healthy vegetable soup. In the out door area the children  had lots of fun pretending to make their own vegetable soup. The children were encouraged to talk about healthy and unhealthy food.
Picture 1 Pretending to make vegetable soup.

Through out the whole week the children in Nursery have been looking at different kind of books. We looked at story books and information books about how to make a vegetable soup. Children then had the experience of making their own vegetable soup.

They learnt about new vegetables, thus exploring and learning new vocabularies.

Picture 1 Preparing our soup.
 The children enjoyed their vegetable soup together.
Picture 1 Sharing and enjoying the soup together.
Picture 2 Tasting soup.
 This week in maths children enjoyed their number hunt in the garden. They were all excited to find a hidden number and matching it with the same number of counters. All children worked together to make a number line with the numbers they have found.
Picture 1 Number hunting in the garden.
Picture 2 Matching their number with counters.
Picture 3 Matching number to 20.
Picture 4 Counting to check their number.