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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 4

 This week, the  children in the Nursery have been very busy digging and clearing their garden. They worked very hard getting their garden ready for planting new vegetables and flowering plants.


Picture 1 Getting their garden ready for planting.
 They have planted their vegetables and flowering plants. We have talked about how to look after our plants so that they can grow fully.
Picture 1 Planting their own vegetable and flowering plants.
 This week in maths we have been practising our counting skills. We have been singing many counting songs as well as counting different objects around the nursery. We have also been very busy matching the correct numbers with the correct counters and different objects.
Picture 1 Matching numbers with counters.
 The children in the Nursery were set a challenge. They were busy exploring the different ways of making a pom pom launcher. They tested and adjusted to make their pom pom launcher work.
Picture 1 Gathering resources for their pom pom launchers.
Picture 2 Making their pom pom launchers.
Picture 3 Testing and adjusting their pom pom launchers.
Picture 4 Testing and adjusting their pom pom launchers.
Picture 5 Playing with their pom pom launchers.