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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 4

 This week children in nursery have been reading the book called, 'The last Noo Noo. The children enjoyed listening to this story and joining in with familiar words.
The story of the week.
The story of the week.
 The children have been very busy drawing and painting their favourite monster from the story of the week.
Marlon the monster.
A monster.
 In maths children have been finding different numbers hidden under the flour. They enjoyed playing with flour and discovering the numbers.
Finding numbers hidden in the flour.
Matching teddies with the number they have  found.
 Children enjoyed using the magnifying glass to look closely at things they have found in their Autumn walk. They talked about what they have found and tried to draw them.
Looking closely at our findings.
 It was extremely fun touching and feeling the jelly. The children enjoyed using a smaller container to  fill up the bigger container. They practised counting how many little pots of jelly was needed to fill the big container.
Playing with jelly.