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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 3

This week, lots of great work has been happening across the year group. The children have been creative inside and outside the classroom. From play dough and the Mud kitchen to discussing and labelling their creations which have been displayed in the classroom.


The children have been learning new routines and structures and have been getting to know their environment. In Reception, we encourage the children to take out desired equipment and tidy it away, the children have been learning how to do this independently throughout the week. 



Picture 1 Busy Fingers developing fine motor skills
Picture 2 The Mud Kitchen
Picture 3 The Art Gallery
Picture 4 Making creations with Lego
Picture 5 Maths Activities
Picture 6 Drawing and colouring shapes
Picture 7 Promoting reading in the classroom
Picture 8 Drawing and recognising shapes
Picture 9 The Art Gallery
Picture 10 Roles, Responsibilities & Rights in the classroom
Picture 11 Road creations
Picture 12 Duplo creations
Picture 13 Independent Mark-making
Picture 14 Independent Mark-making
Picture 15 Independent Mark-making
Picture 16 Independent Mark-making
Picture 17 Promoting reading in the classroom