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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 3

 This week the children in the nursery have been very busy learning about a very special person in the history. They have been learning and celebrating the life of Martin Luther King. The children learnt about the different letters and sound and they also explored the sound in their environment. The children practised forming different letters and writing their names.
Writing about Martin Luther King.
Practise forming letters.
Writing their names.
 Children enjoyed  carrying out the challenge of the week. They enjoyed cutting out different lines and painting pictures of their own choice.
Cutting different lines.
Painting  pictures.
 In maths this week, the children have been exploring  more and  less things. They enjoyed finding  more things then their partners.
Finding more and less.
 The children have been very busy building models with different materials and using it in their role play.
Making models with mobilo.
Mmaking models with lego.
Making a castle.