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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 3

This week our focus story was 'Tidler, The Story Telling Fish.' The children enjoyed listening and joining in with the repeated words in the story. The children practised drawing the fish in the ocean.
Picture 1 Practised drawing the fish.
Picture 2 Attempted to write the intial sound.
 The children continued to practise their phonics skills out door to match the pictures with  their initial sound.
Picture 1 Matching pictures with their intial sound.
Picture 2 Matching pictures with their intial sound.
Picture 3 Matching pictures with their intial sound.
 The children enjoyed role-playing outside in the garden, pretending to swim with different sea creatures. They have been very busy counting the shells  and learning the different vocabularies to describe the sea creatures.
Picture 1 Counting the shells in the sea.
Picture 2 Naming the sea creatures.
Picture 3 Describing the sea creatures.
The children took part in the sport Relief activities. They enjoyed the different games.
Picture 1 Sports Relief activity.
Picture 2 Sports Relief activity.
Picture 3 Sports Relief activity.
Picture 4 Sports Relief activity.