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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 1 and 2

Over the past two weeks, we have been reading 'The Shopping Basket'. We have discussed how to make a shopping list and we have thought about manners and how we can speak politely to others, unlike the character in the story. We also interviewed characters from the story and made predictions about the story ending.
Picture 1 Shopping in the Home corner
Picture 2 What's in the shopping basket?
Picture 3 Creative corner shopping baskets
In Maths, we have been looking at adding and subtracting. We were able to use our English theme of 'The shopping basket' to help us in our maths. Ruby class made a lovely display for this. We have been adding and subtracting real-life items, creating baskets for our items, and discussing and sorting healthy and non-healthy foods. There has also been an opportunity to paint fruit from observation and mix colours in the creative area.
Picture 1 Ruby Class display
Picture 2 Adding and subtracting display
Picture 3 Opportunities for writing during maths
Picture 4 Adding and subrtracting machine