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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 1

The nursery children have come back from a long Christmas break and quickly settled back into routine. This week we have introduced our essential question for this term. Our essential question, " how can we look after our environment?" The children enjoyed learning about different things they can do to keep their environment clean.
This week the children in the nursery have been very busy setting up their garden centre and their very own recycling department. they enjoyed buying and selling garden equipment in the garden centre an practised counting real coins. they enjoyed recycling different materials and rapidly learning  new words associated with recycling.
Role playing in the garden centre.
 They have been learning to sort out different objects into plastic, glass, metal, clothes and paper. The children have been learning a lot of new vocabularies this week.
Fishing the objects and sorting them.
 In maths the children have been learning to count to 5 and then to 10. They have practised matching the numbers to the quantity and made their own number tracks. 
Counting and practise writing the numbers.
Making their own number track.
The children enjoyed playing and exploring in the out door area. They enjoyed many physical activities as well as writing and role playing in the recycling department.
Mark making
Taking turn and sharing the trampoline.
Riding bikes.