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Spelling Home Learning


We are constantly reviewing and trying to improve our school curriculum and one area in which we are currently developing is our provision around the teaching of spelling across KS2 (Years 3-6). Our current spelling programme across the Key Stages has a structured and progressive approach to spelling. We are equipping the children to be far more versatile spellers than if they were to receive a ‘weekly list’ that focuses on the etymology of each word is tested in a traditional test format.

In addition to this, the National Curriculum contains lists of statutory words that children should learn to spell for Years 3/4 and Years 5/6. It is a legal requirement that we give children the opportunity to learn these as a school. However, many of these words are exception words, which don’t follow regular patterns and rules. Therefore, we have decided to divide these words into groups, which will be introduced to the children each week. These words will be uploaded to Google Classroom weekly.

The children will be introduced to these words on a Friday and will be assessed the following Friday, where they will be asked to write these words within a sentence dictated to them by their teacher. You can, therefore, support your child in learning these by testing them, asking them to write them into sentences, and looking over words from previous weeks.