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The Mount Stewart Schools

School Vision and Values

Our Vision


Learn.  Inspire.  Achieve.


Three words that are very important to us.  Three words that have been with us since we formed the Mount Stewart Federation (TMSS).  Three words that govern all we do.


We created the federation around the idea that education should be meaningful, we should foster a love of learning and everyone who works with us should feel they make a positive impact on children’s lives. 


The aspiration is to maintain schools where academic excellence is just one aspect of an outstanding education.  With a rich extended curriculum, while building emotional intelligence in pupils through their learning experiences.


Our children are happy, confident, successful ‘all-rounders’ who expect to achieve in an inclusive setting where children, parents and school staff work together to provide the best.  Our commitment to you and your children is that we will teach them to learn, inspire and achieve both in their school career and beyond.



Our school values 


At Mount Stewart all we do is based on the values of;  

Respect, Resilience, Relationships, Relating, Reflection, Responsiveness, Resourcefulness

and Risk-taking