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The Mount Stewart Schools

Religious Education

Impact Statement for Religious Education 



At Mount Stewart, we take a no ceiling approach and use adaptive planning through open-ended tasks. Pupils with SEND and the most able can achieve well, enabling all children to access our challenging curriculum and feel confident in their RE learning.


At Mount Stewart, we aim to provide our pupils with a broad, balanced, spiritual, moral, cultural and knowledge-based Religious Education curriculum in which every child will be able to achieve an insight into the nature of Faith and what it means to be religious so that they understand the world around them. Religious Education is taught throughout both schools, allowing the children to continually build upon their prior learning.


We endeavor to create an atmosphere in which every child feels secure in their own beliefs, and has respect for the beliefs of others, whilst acknowledging the broadly Christian tradition of the country. We feel that all children have the right to discuss the elements of their own faith, the faith of others, and the ideas of those who have no religious beliefs, in a free atmosphere that promotes openness, fairness, and mutual respect.  We aim to empower our children to be able to make reasoned and informed judgements about religious and moral issues, enhancing their spiritual and moral development, whilst instilling an appreciation about how faith shapes people’s lives and behaviors.


The children, staff, and parents of The Mount Stewart Schools come from diverse cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds and we value this in a positive way. We also believe that cultural and linguistic diversity help enrich our lives, and aim to encourage the development of our children’s social awareness and understanding of those around them.




We are lucky to have so many different faiths represented within our school, and we aim to make sure that our curriculum is reflective of the Mount Stewart child. We follow the Brent Agreed Syllabus, where the children are taught through interlinked themes and concepts, such as Light or Life and Death, and explore these elements within various different faiths.


Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Bahai, Buddhism, Sikhism, Humanism, and Atheism are core faiths that we investigate within our curriculum.  At Mount Stewart, we do not presume the religious backgrounds of our children, or their families and wider communities. Children are encouraged to share their experiences of their respective faiths within the classroom, as well as the greater school community.  Local faith leaders are invited to come in and educate the children about their faiths. In turn, our children are invited to different places of worship to be fully immersed in the practices, prayers, and activities performed within that faith.  Lessons are designed to include a wide range of high-quality activities, and objects and sacred texts from different faiths are used, to best allow all children to fully engage and be immersed within the lessons, whilst promoting respect for an individuals right to faith.




The Mount Stewart children thoroughly enjoy their RE learning, and as we have themed termly topics, they are able to experience and be exposed to much more content within various religions, than if they were studied in isolation.  The children are able to make links between their learning within these topics and are able to develop their spiritual awareness and respect for the opinions of others. As they progress forward with their learning journey, the children deepen their awareness of the world around them and are able to create empathy with others from an understanding of their beliefs, customs, and cultures, as well are develop skills and attitudes that will support their personal, moral, social and cultural development.