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The Mount Stewart Schools


Autumn Term - Ruby and Emerald

Let's find something interesting...

Examining what might live in the cracks.
"I see a dragon in the clouds!" "A snake!"

Nest Building


We investigated different types of bird nests and what they use to make them warm for their young. Then we made eggs out of clay then made nests to keep them safe.


            Some eggs were small...                                                  or well camouflaged.









                                                                                                         Some were larger...   



What do you do when it's raining?


You find where the puddles are made.


"What happens to the water when we step in a puddle?" 


"How can you test how deep the puddle is?" 





You discover where shaggy mushrooms grow.










"It looks like it has fur!"

Fairy Potions


We went for an autumn walk and collected ingredients for a special fairy potion. Once we mixed it all together we sprinkled it around school to help the plants grow over the winter.












We'll have to wait until spring to see if it worked!

Troll Mazes


How do you trap a troll so it can't play nasty tricks on others? Why, you make a maze so it can't get out until someone comes to get it!


Mud, Mud, and More Mud


Weeks of rain turned the parts of the field into a muddy mess. Of course we couldn't let that go to waste...




Some of us discovered what happens when you go in to the middle of a giant mud pile, even when told to stay away. You get STUCK!


Luckily we didn't lose any boots though we were a bit muddier than when we left the classroom. 





Not a Stick!


We read the story Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis, about a pig who has anything but a stick. We found our own "not-a-sticks" and had adventures using our magic broomsticks, alien laser guns, swords, toothbrushes, and fishing rods, along with many other imaginative items.