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The Mount Stewart Schools

Physical Education


PE suggested activities wb 13.7.2020

PE suggested activities wb 6/7/2020

PE Timetable wb 1 June 2020

Suggested PE activities for this week Summer term 1 Week 3 wb 4/5/2020

The Stewart Mount Schools Workout

This workout is suitable for both students and teachers/ parents! Good luck to everyone at The Mount Stewart School. Don't forget to send any pics/videos int...

Kids and Parent workout - 4

Just a bit of fun, nothing serious but it's about breaking up the day, kids getting exercise, parents getting fresh air, but importantly ensuring everyone st...

Parents and Kids workouts 3

Keep moving and keep sane while the kids are off. Ideal to break up the day

Parents and kids fun workouts - no 2

Children and parents need to stay as active and as sane as possible at the moment. As your kids take a break from their homework why not join in for some qui...

Parents and Kids workout

For those of you stuck at home over the coming weeks here a small and simple workout you can do with the kids to break up the day