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Parent Consultations

Virtual Parents Consultations

These meetings cannot replace the usual face to face meetings but allow parents/carers to have contact with their child's class teacher in the current situation.

A guide on how to attend appointments on Google Meet is also available below. Instructions should be read carefully as it tells you how to check that your technology will work correctly for the meeting.

A Google Meet link for the meeting will be uploaded onto your child’s Google Classroom page and parents/carers will need to ensure they are ready to start at their appointment time. Parents will need to wait in the waiting room and will be admitted by the teacher at their appointment time. The meetings are booked back to back so times cannot be adjusted. They are for 10 minutes and cannot exceed this length of time. There will be a clock on the screen as an indicator to both parents/carers and the teacher that the meeting is coming to an end. If parents/carers do not wish to be seen on camera they can select to have the camera switched off and the appointment will take place by audio-only.

When attending the meeting by Google Meet, we ask that all parents are appropriately dressed and that they are in a quiet area of the home.

These meetings, as with any other remote meetings, are subject to technology working so please bear with us if there are some technical hitches. If there are any issues at the time of your meeting then your child’s teacher will contact you to re-arrange.

Google Meet Protocols

If you experience any technical difficulties with logging in,  please see our frequently asked questions below or contact the school via our website Contact Us 
Year  Date Time
Nursery- Year 6 Tuesday 1st December 3:30- 5:00 pm
Nursery-Year 6 Wednesday 2nd December 2:40-5:00 pm
Nursery- Year 6 Thursday 3rd December 4:30-6:30 pm


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