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The Mount Stewart Schools

Outdoor Learning

Overview and Class Schedule 2021-2022


At the Mount Stewart Schools we are extremely fortunate to have such a large outdoor space for learning. By allowing children the freedom to be outside, we reinforce their emotional well-being, which in turn provides them with the skills to better navigate the world around them. Learning outdoors also contributes to personal, social, and emotional development, increasing resilience and developing healthy habits and attitudes. We know that active children perform better in school and later in life, and studies have shown that children undertaking fieldwork activities across subjects achieved higher literacy scores than students who did not. 


Our outdoor learning sessions provide students with learning opportunities through practical activities in all seasons and weather. Sessions are designed for students to learn in a safe environment, while learning to assess risk and developing the ability to respond to new situations.


Each half-term a different class in each year group will take part in Outdoor Learning sessions. Each class will have two blocks of sessions over the course of the year to experience the different seasons. Please refer to the timetable below for your class and for the list of clothing your student will need for their session.


Please note: This timetable is in revision and is NOT confirmed. Days and classes will be finalised in September 2021.



Year 1

Friday mornings

Year 2

Tuesday afternoons

Autumn 1st half term



Autumn 2nd half term

Tiger Eye


End of Term break

Spring 1st half term



Spring 2nd half term



End of Term break

Summer 1st half term

Tiger Eye


Summer 2nd half term







All sessions

Please ensure your student comes to school dressed in their Outdoor Learning clothing. They will also need to bring their school shoes and an extra pair of socks for their indoor classroom time.


Students will go home in their Outdoor Learning clothing unless they have an after school club that requires specific clothing.


Clothing List -

  • Outdoor shoes – walking or wellington boots or that can get wet and dirty (*wellingtons are essential if it muddy or raining)

  • An extra pair of socks

  • A waterproof coat

  • A warm jumper or fleece

  • A t-shirt

  • A long-sleeved shirt

  • Old trousers (no jeans)

  • Waterproof over-trousers if possible

     Recommended in colder weather

  • An extra layer of clothing depending on the weather (long sleeve shirt, extra fleece, leggings)

  • A warm hat and gloves

Outdoor Learning Clothing


Please ensure your student has appropriate footwear and enough warm layers to wear for their outdoor learning sessions. This should include at least a tshirt layer, long-sleeve middle layer, and a warm jumper or hoodie, along with their coat/raincoat. It is likely that students will be taking part in activities where they will get dirty, so they should not wear their school uniform or nice/dressy clothing for sessions.


Waterproof coats and wellies are especially important as we go outside regardless of the weather. The only exception to this is in the presence of thunder storms or strong winds. If a students arrives without appropriate clothing for the weather they may have to stay inside with another class during their session, which impacts on their learning experience.


We encourage all students to check the weather the day before their Outdoor Learning session. This teaches them to plan ahead and make appropriate clothing choices for the weather.


If you have any spare waterproof clothing, outdoor shoes or wellingtons, donations would be gratefully received. Please send these in with your student with a note confirming their donation. They will be then be re-washed and re-used for a student who may need extra clothing.


A reliable short-term weather forecast website is AccuWeather. The link below should bring you to the Harrow forecast.